Spade flower/ Ratnapurusha

Spade flower/ Ratnapurusha or Orithal thamarai is a well known herb in Tamil Nadu known for it’s amazing ability to improve testosterone in men. All the parts of the plant is used as a medicine and though it is very famous mainly for it’s ability to improve the testosterone levels in men, it has other wonderful medicinal uses like treating anemia and improving immunity.

A natural product, comprising powerful herbs and aphrodisiacs, Ratnapurusha Powder, Lehyam and Capsule helps in replenishing sexual functions in a natural way. Acting primarily on the sexual organs and nerves, Ratnapurusha Capsule and Powder(Choorna) vitalizes, energizes leading to regulated functions of the reproductive system with satisfactory results.

100% safe to use and with no contra-indications, Ratnapurusha Capsule and Powder(Choorna) has proven to be the befitting cure for spermatorrhea, seminal weakness/ decay, premature ejaculation, night fall etc. Improving the quality of semen; its potency and sperm motility, it’s also an overall rejuvenator, imparting strength & stamina to the body.

Common Names

Hindi Name : Ratna purusha
English Name : Spade flower
Tamil Name : Orithalthamarai
Malayalam Name : Orilathamara
Kannada Name : Purusharathn
Bengali Name : Munbora
Sanskrit Name : Amburuha, Rathnapurusha

Ratna Purusha Plant

Thamarai in Tamil means lotus and orithal in Tamil means single leaf, together it means single leafed lotus. Though it is called thamarai, this beautiful flower is opposite to our regular lotus in size, it is very tiny and fragile. You will find this plant growing all over Tamil Nadu. If you are looking out for this plant try searching for it in the mornings as the flowers fall off by afternoon as they are very delicate. We have a small river flowing in the back of our farm and since the rainy season has started, we can find plenty of herbs there now and especially orithal thamari is found plenty.

Ratna Purusha Medicinal Uses

1. For Men : Ratnapurusha has been shown to increase the testosterone in males and also has aphrodisiac properties.

2. Hypolipidemic Activity : Ratnapurusha has cholesterol lowering properties, regular intake of orithal thamarai will result in reduction of cholesterol significantly.

3. Antioxidant & Anti Diabetic activity : Ratnapurusha has amazing anti oxidant properties which helps reduce oxidative stress very effectively. It also reduces blood sugar levels.

4. Treating Anemia : Another important use of Ratnapurusha is it’s amazing ability to treat anemia as the extract of orithal thamarai has high amounts of iron.

5. Reducing Body Heat : The decoction of the plant is used for reducing body heat, this use is quite famous and is followed in village sides. The extract also has anti allergic and pain reducing properties.

Asgar Herbal Ratnapurusha




Side Effects

Till date no any side effects have been notified. However it must be consumed under strict medical directions.

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