Why Foreplay Is Important For Sex

Doing anything that’s sexually arousing can help a woman lubricate, which in turn may help a man get and maintain an erection. Lovemaking is not just restricted to the part of having sex.

If you are forgetting foreplay, you are missing out one of the best parts of the lovemaking experience. While men are aroused in a few minutes, women take more time to get to the state.

For men, it ensures an erection, and for women, it ensures lubrication to make the experience pleasurable to both. It is normal for a regular sexual relationship to fall into a routine; you need to have a good idea about how to use foreplay to spice things up.

Benefits of Foreplay

Using your mouth, tongue and fingers to stimulate your partner’s genitals is termed as oral sex. This form of sex, which is often done as part of foreplay, is proven to be a good way to trigger sexual compatibility and discover new pleasures with your partner. Women might not like it, and men might always want to rush it. But having oral sex is proven to have several health benefits.

Helps in having a better sleep
Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that induces sleep and relaxation. Even without having an intercourse, it will enter your bloodstream and help you doze off better than usual.

Healthy heart rate
Well, foreplay has its own impact psychologically as well as physically in a person. But does foreplay offer a positive impact on heart rate? Yes! It helps in retaining a healthy heart rate and also increases the blood pressure as well. Further, foreplay helps in the dilation of the blood vessels which also includes the genitals. The blood flows to every part of the body and makes you feel active and healthy.

Improves the breast health
Miraculously, foreplay helps in the breast health of women. It prevents and aids the swelling in the breasts and erects the nipple. Additionally, it assists in preventing breast cancer in women and helps in the lubricating of the vagina during sexual pleasure.

Improves memory
For those who suffer with constant memory loss and are too dependent on their phone reminders…guess what! Oral sex is here to your rescue. Semen has nutrients that help you function more effectively.

Relieves Pain
As foreplay releases the happy-hormones, it acts as a natural pain reliever. The release of oxytocin and endorphins literally acts as pain killers. It literally vanishes the back pain, headache and any other pains in the body. Just cuddle together with pleasurable foreplay to diminish your pains.

How Long Should Foreplay Lasts?

You can do it for as long as you and your partner want. Once you two are completely aroused, you can go on with the lovemaking experience. With the right kind and amount of foreplay, you two can achieve orgasm easily and have a better and more satisfying time.


Foreplay is especially important for long-term relationships. Over time, when life gets in the way – our kids, our work, our stress, financial whatever it is – being able to maintain a connection, an intimacy with our partners, is really, really important and foreplay helps to do that.