What Is Outercourse?

When it comes to sex, people tend to focus on intercourse. But for most women, intercourse usually isn’t enough to reach orgasm. So, instead, it’s time to shift the focus to outercourse.

Examples Of Outercourse

Oral sex
Anal sex
Dry humping (clothes on)

Benefits Of Outercourse

Outercourse can also be an enjoyable activity for people who aren’t worried about pregnancy or abstinent. People may enjoy body rubbing and other outercourse activities as either foreplay or the main event. Some people are not particularly interested in penetrative sex. Others enjoy outercourse for variety. It can be a fun way to interact with a partner who is new or old.

Outercourse Techniques

Check out these different outercourse techniques to try to have a more satisfying, intimacy-building sexual experience.
Change Up How you Kiss
Touch Each Other
Hop In The Shower
Breathe Together

Find Each Other's Erogenous Zones

We encourage patients to slow down and explore each other’s bodies; discover new erogenous zones, “Many of my female patients say that their partner(s) go directly to the nipples, clitoris, and/or anus in order to please her and that they prefer a longer warm-up.” Each person is different so take the time to determine what works best for your partner.

Can Outercourse Lead To Intercourse?

Some people claim that one of the drawbacks of outercourse is that it can lead to intercourse. It’s true that some sexual enjoyment may lead to people wanting more. However, the idea that one activity automatically leads to another is highly problematic. The truth is, even if outercourse leads you to wanting intercourse, you can choose whether or not you want to have intercourse.


There are many ways to enjoy sexual pleasure. Lots of people have body types, desires, and needs that go beyond traditional ideas of intercourse. Exploring the options outside of intercourse has proven to increase sexual pleasure, even for people who practice intercourse, too.

The most important thing, whether it’s intercourse, outercourse, or any sexual act, is to be comfortable and enjoy what you’re doing.