How Much Nightfall Is Normal In a Month

Wet dreams or nightfall technically means sperm emission at night while you are still sleeping. Doctors call this nocturnal emission or sleep orgasm because it means seminal fluid emission at night when fast asleep. It is a condition when men ejaculate in their sleep, usually late in the night or during the wee hours of the morning.

It primarily occurs due to the weak penile muscles and weakness of the penile nerves caused due to excessive masturbation, thinning of semen viscosity, changes in hormonal levels, or even due to full bladder.

Night falls are a natural phenomena. But when we start having night falls more than 2-3 times a month then there is a problem.

Causes and Reasons for Nightfall in Men

Masturbate Way Too Frequently or Excessively
Nightfall also occurs when you masturbate excessively, which causes the weakening of the parasympathetic nerve, which in turn is responsible for holding a man’s erection and locking the semen into the organ. This also causes fluctuation in the hormonal levels and makes men more susceptible to nightfall or wet dreams.

Weak nerves cause nightfall
Weak nerves and prostate glands can cause nightfall. Sitting for long periods, depression, anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle weakens nerves, reducing control over ejaculation. Reduced control over prostate gland nerves is a cause of nightfall in men.

Erotic dreams are a reason for wet dreams
Erotic dreams or sex dreams are sexual dreams that turn individuals on. Erotic dreams cause wet dreams because of involuntary ejaculation of semen in one’s sleep. This happens about twice a month. In case you experience nightfall more frequently, be sure to speak to a doctor.

Does Excessive Masturbation Lead To Nightfall Problems?

Yes, excessive masturbation can lead to nightfall in man. It may weaken the parasympathetic nerve responsible for holding the man’s erection and locking the semen into the organ. Thus, masturbating at regular short intervals may strain the penile nerve, making you susceptible to nocturnal emissions or nightfall, even when you are just slightly aroused or not.

Symptoms of Nightfall or Wet dreams

Nightfall in men causes weakness in the body.
Nightfall in men leads to premature ejaculation.
Nightfall in men is responsible for muscle cramps
Nightfall in men causes mood swings.
Nightfall in men makes you lazy.
Nightfall in men causes sleeplessness.

Is Nightfall Good or Bad?

While nightfall in boys and night discharge is extremely regular at least two times a month, studies say that nightfall with a higher frequency – more than two times a month is alarming.

Nightfall reasons can be a red flag. It could be indicative of these health conditions:
• Overproduction of semen
• Semen of thin consistency
• Weak kidneys
• Absence of sexual activity
• Professional anxiety and pressure

The frequent occurrence of wet dreams or nightfall is a bad sign. Here are the side effects of excessive nightfall:
• decreased sperm count
• dizziness
• insomnia
• knee pain
• poor vision
• infertility
• sexual problems


Nothing is embarrassing or shameful about nightfall in men. Men facing nightfall issues should discuss it with an elderly family member or a doctor and become more aware of nightfall and other concepts related to sexual development in men. Other names of nightfall also include- Nocturnal Emission, Sleep Orgasm and Wet dreams.